Top 10 Famous Penang Local Foods
posted at: 30-08-2018 | author: foodcrush

1) Chee Cheong Fun @ Greenlane Genting Food Court

Opening Hours: 7AM – 5PM

Serve with 2 pieces of rice rolls and topped with some sauces and sesame seed. Unlike the usual shrimp paste, they added some peanut paste into it which creates a nice and balance mixture.

2) Mee Goreng @ Bangkok Lane

Opening Hours: 8AM- 6.30PM, closed on every Monday

Located at Seng Lee Kopitiam just at the junction of burmah road and Bangkok lane. The mamak-style mee goreng got sweet-savoury taste and the generous chef put a lot of sambal sotong.

3) Yam Rice @ Jalan Murthy, BM

Opening Hours: 9AM – 3PM

BM yam rice is always a comforting soup when you crave for a bowl of hot soup. The flavourful yam rice and salted vegetables pork soup make the perfect combination in your palate.

4) Char Koay Teow @ Siam Road

Opening Hours: 12 NOON – 9PM, closed on every Sunday and Monday

It is “relocated” at a coffee stall just nearby the old location. The long queue under the hot sun showed up how famous and tasty of Chooi Hong Uncle’s Char Koay Teow! It ranked 14th in the top 50 list of the World Street Food Congress 2017.

5) Hokkien Mee @ Lebuh Presgrave

Opening Hours: 4.30PM – 11.30PM, Closed on every Thursday

As a Penangites definitely will know this hokkien mee stall at “Sah Tiau Loh” in Georgetown. The soup base not only cook along with prawn shells but also with pork bones and meat which make the soup taste so nice. You can even add on some roasted pork or pork ribs.

6) Charcoal-toasted bread @ Toh Soon Cafe

Opening Hours: 8AM – 6.30PM, Closed on every Sunday

Charcoal-toasted bread, soft boiled egg with a cup of authentic local Hainan coffee, these are awesome combinations breakfast for local people. There are 4 types of bread can choose: Hainan, Coffee Marbel, Wholemeal and Chocolate. Don’t panic if they serve slow as the bread is toasted with traditional way that using charcoal.

7) Sister Curry Mee @ Ayer Itam Wet Market

Opening Hours: 7AM – 1PM, Closed on every Tuesday

The sisters have their own secret recipe and still using the charcoal fire to cook. Usually opens at 7.30pm and sell out by 1pm so better wake up early to catch a bowl of this legendary Penang-style curry mee!

8) Fried Oyster Omelette @ New Lane Hawker Centre

Opening hours: 4.30PM – 11PM, Closed on every Wednesday

Generous amount of big and fresh oysters, the batter and eggs fried in perfection which creates a crispy finish.

9) Loh Bak @ Kheng Pin Kopitiam

Opening Hours: 7AM – 1PM, Closed on every Monday

These golden goodness and crispy fried snacks are located along Penang Road. You can order the “omakase” platter which the chef would pick the pieces sufficient for number of people.

10) Duck Koay Chap @ Kimberly Street Hawker Stall

Opening Hours: 6PM – 11PM, Closed on every Thursday

Operates from the evening till late, the essence of koay chap contains a lot of spices and stewed with various duck parts, make it not just a simple delicious broth but the persistency of the people to keep doing this tedious preparation and cooking for almost 30 years.

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